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Cutting Edge SEO In Chicago

Chicago SEOBeing on the cutting edge of everything that is going on in SEO (search engine optimization) is an ongoing battle. Especially with Google constantly changing it’s algorithms and penalizing peoples websites for not following their rules. That is why all of us at USS Chicago stay up to date on everything that is going on with the ever changing algorithms.

We never try to game the system with black hat tactics that could get your website penalized. Instead we focus on giving Google exactly what they are looking for. So you can be confident when you use a Chicago SEO Agency like USS Chicago that you are going to be getting the best  search engine optimization in Chicago that will stand the test of time.


SEO For Startups

Are you a start up or not sure if SEO is right for your business then watch this short video from Google Webmasters that explains everything that you need to know in under 10 minutes. If you still aren’t sure if promoting your website is right for you then feel free to contact our Chicago office or if you are in down state Illinois contact our Peoria SEO Agency through Facebook or through our Peoria SEO Company website for a free consultation. We would love the chance to work with you and show you all the possibilities that our services could bring to your bottom line!

Law Firm SEO Experts the Law Firm SEO Experts. This Peoria SEO Agency has one of the best videos for explaining why your law firm or any business for that matter needs online marketing help. Having a good team of experts who specialize in only search engine optimization in some markets could mean the difference of being on page 2 and and only landing 1 or 2 clients every month, to being ranked number 1 and having hundreds of clients blowing up your phone each and every month. So if your looking for a company to help you with your law firms local SEO then you might want to check out this Peoria SEO Company.

Google 3 Pack

Google Local Search Now 3 Pack

Google 3 PackFor many SEO companies getting their clients into the 7 pack of local results just got a little bit harder this week. The 7 pack transformed into the 3 pack of local search results knocking of 4 possible positions for getting client rankings. On the up side though that is four less local businesses to compete with on page 1. So overall I believe the new redesign of local search will be a good thing making dominating page 1 a little easier.


DIY Search Engine Optimization

Although our Chicago based and Peoria SEO Agency don’t recommend DIY Search Engine Optimization we do realize that there are just a few of you out there who insist on doing everything yourself. If you insist on DIY SEO then make sure that you are current on all the changes and updates that are going on in Google. There is nothing worse than tweeking your website with what ever the hot new SEO trend is only to find your website penalized a few weeks later for trying to game the system.

DIY SEOUnfortunately there are a lot of bad SEO tips and tricks out there, and people who promise you #1 rankings for $19.95 just be aware you get what you pay for. The top SEO firms charge 1,000’s of dollars each month to get and keep their clients websites ranking in the top of Google. So take any information or promises that you see with a grain of salt.

If that hasn’t discouraged you from doing it yourself then then watch the video below for some good information that will at least get you pointed in the right direction when it comes to doing your own search engine optimization.

If you need some help, have some questions, are wanting to do an SEO Health Check, or are wanting some professional help with your website then please feel free to comment below or contact us here at USS Chicago we are always glad to be of service.